Swing Format has been one of the most legendary musical artistic collectives on the Techno scene and djs in Medellín, Colombia. At the beginning of 2012 four recognized DJs on the scene, who began to make electronic music, decided to work together to start a life project, create and open a window to the whole world where he could listen carefully to what is happening in the musical environment of the djs of Techno in Medellín, a record label: Swing Format Records. At the end of 2012 this group of djs Techno in Medellín, already released their first release in digital format in most online stores and all the most important. By 2018 Swing Format Records has more than 128 releases in digital format on all digital platforms and online stores and two vinyl discs in physical stores, as well as more than 50 artists of Colombia, Spain. Argentina. Mexico, Venezuela and others. Now, Swing Format Records is based in Barcelona - Spain.

About Swing Format records